Moosend Reviews, Features and Pricing 2021

Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing platform which will help you with your email marketing efforts and automation. Moosend is headquartered in the UK but operates from Greece, Romania, Poland and other major European countries. Moosend has been around awhile, the company was founded in 2011.
This email marketing automation product aims to help all businesses of all sizes create and send emails that get delivered and opened with their easy interface and email marketing automations.
Are you looking for a new email provider or considering switching from your current one? Let’s dive deeper into its features so you can see if Moosend might be the right one for you.


Product Overview

Moosend is an email marketing platform which includes a responsive email campaign editor, marketing automations and a beautiful set of templates to name a few. Some of the features that Moosend will provide to your business are : a newsletter editor for creating beautiful designs easily both for mobile and desktop; ecommerce AI and integrations with tons of other softwares and platforms which will help you with moving and sorting your client data-base; powerful real-time analytics, which is there to help you with analyzing the success of your campaigns; custom opt-in forms, together with landing pages; advanced list segmentation, tagging and targeting of the users on your list is also available for a more personalized experience for your audience.

Moosend Features:

Verification of the Emails:

Email verification is an important part of any healthy email marketing cycle and it is advisable to clean your lists every 6 months. This is needed even if you have double opt in as some people will use junk email or outdated ones and you do not need to keep those in your database and potentially pay for sending those emails. Moosend has a solution for email verifications but it is done through third party integrations, which is paid. Here are the services that they are integrating in order to take care of your list verification.

Segmenting Options:

Segmentation in the platform can be done based on various data fields or more basic information. There are two types of segmentation in the platform, one is generic, where you can segment your email list by demographic information like their age and gender, location and language.

moosend features

Or if you have collected more custom data from your opt-in forms or landing pages you can do advanced segmenting. You can send email campaigns based on the user behaviour of your customers including things like: past purchases, times they viewed your products, downloads of ebooks and much more. There’s almost nothing you can’t do with Moosend’s segments. You can add every little detail of your subscribers’ actions in your criteria and make the best-targeted and personalized campaigns.

moosend segmenting options

Marketing Automation:

Nowadays, marketing automation in an email marketing tool is a must. We have to admit that Moosend have done great job with the automation they provide.

The marketing automation is the process that marketeers use to send emails automatically based on certain conditions that the user on their list has met. For example, an automated email sequence might be triggered and sent to a user who signed up on your website. You would like to onboard them, ask them to fill up their profile and preferences and so on.

Moosend automates targeting and interacting with your users based on 3 components:
triggers (events that prompt the actions), conditional/control steps (filters for each trigger) and actions (tasks that respond to triggers).

Also, as a great alternative for people new to the platform, Moosend has set up templates for marketing automation based on triggers and actions. Templates are available in different categories so the fine tuning you will have to do is minimal. Some of the categories are Cross-sell / Upsell, eCommerce, Loyalty, New Subscribers, Re-engagement, Reminders, Segmentation and even Weather-Based you can check out the full list here.


Moosend has great and easy integration options with most major CMS, CRM and ecommerce solution providers. Easily connect Moosend’s automation workflows with all the best ecommerce platforms and track your visitors’ behavior in every step. Moonsend integrates with WordPress and Drupal for CMS. As for your customer relation solutions it integrates with Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot, Copper, Pipedrive and much more. You can optimize your conversion rates with cart abandonment and product recommendations emails at the click of a button with Moosend and ecommerce integrations. The major brands here are Magneto, Woocomerce, ThriveCart and OpenCart. There is also a lead generation integration where you can easily connect your Moosend with Elementor, Zendesk, Facebook Leads Ads and Eventbrite.
And if there is something that you can not find on the list or you are wondering about, Moosend also integrates with Zapier.

Templates and Editor:

Moosend has both the option to use your own HTML code to create your own email design or their pre-built templates. They offer 70+ free fully responsive, customizable newsletter templates in different categories. You can simply edit those templates with a drag and drop editor, so no coding skills are required here.
The other option is to start designing the email from scratch. You can choose a style of containers and then start adding placeholders. Content types range from text, images, buttons, spacers, paddings, social media follow and share buttons. These can be added in templates, too in order to step up your process. You can also use personalization tags and emojis.
Moosend also has a countdown timer, which they claim to be one of the most popular containers. You can add the countdown timer in order to create a sense of urgency and improve conversions.

Subscription Forms and Landing Pages:

If you become a Moosend user you will be able to take advantage of their subscription forms. Again here they have some pre-built designs available that can help you to start with your forms and collecting user data. Moosend has Floating-Bar or Box, Full-Page forms together with Inline-Form and even Modal-Pop-ups that can be implemented on your webpage.

Moosend has a built-in landing page editor with again a wide range of templates for all business types. All the templates are mobile responsive and can also be SSL enabled. You will be able to fully customize and add your SEO elements like main KW, H1, meta description and so on. The landing pages are fully customizable so you will be able to add fields in the forms, change fonts, colors and all pictures or other elements in order to make the page resonate with your brand or campaign.
Landing pages are available to only paying customers and are not included in the forever free plan.

Analytics and Reports

The platform has comprehensive, precise and easy-to-manage reports systems that will help you with the right business decisions for the future campaigns.

You will get the most popular metrics or KPIs for email marketing campaigns as opens, clicks and unsubscribers. You will be able to track the opens and clicks by day and time in order to fine tune your sending times. Together with that, Moosend will give you information for top performing recipients, links and custom fields. You can see information about the devices and email clients your audience are using. All of that information can easily be exported in CSV in order to do further analysis and comparison.

moosend analytics and reports

Customer Service & Support

Moosend support is through email and online chat available during business hours. If you are a paying customer you will be able to receive phone support as well. The platform offers to new customers in-person training, webinars and robust documentation that is clear and easy to understand.
A big plus is that the support team is available even for the free users.


Оne great advantage of this platform is the forever free plan. You can send unlimited email campaigns to 1,000 subscribers, FREE forever.
After increasing your email list, pricing starts at only $10 per month. They have 3 plans with different offerings: Free, Pro and Enterprise. For the last plan you can get a custom offer from the company.
Annual subscription will save you 20% off the monthly prices shown below.

moosend pricing

What Types of Companies is it Best for?

Moosend is great for all sizes of businesses from startup (since it has a forever free plan) to a big Fortune 500 company. They are also great for small businesses looking for better tools for the money. You use Moosend for affiliate marketing, e-commerce, SaaS and many other industries.
Some of their clients are: Dominos, WWF and Vogue.


moosend reviews
Final Thoughts

Moosend has great customer service, easy-to-use features to help marketers successfully create, execute and measure their email marketing campaigns. The platform pros are the robust and FREE features for up to 1 000 subscribers, great marketing automation and easy-to-use pre-built editor, forms and landing pages. On the other hand, the platform has some cons as well like the fact that there are no landing pages for the free version, and no mobile app available for marketers on the go.

We hope this article will help you decide if Moosend is suitable for your business

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