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5 Essential Software, Apps and Tools for Small Businesses

There are lots of software, tools, and apps available to make your task simple and help the owners to enhance their small businesses. 

It is very important to select the right tool for your business according to the needs. When it comes to small businesses, the owner may not have enough knowledge about the technologies and software. 

Thus, the software should be simple to handle and operate because there are lots of hats in software apps. Choosing the important, simple, and affordable software tools enhance your business. 

Working with software tools reduces the time spending for the operation and provides more time to analyze your business. There are plenty of software tools available with monthly or yearly subscriptions, and you can choose based on your needs. 

Many high-level software provides a free trial for some particular period so you can use a trial to check the features and performance of the software. 

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur and looking for the essential tools, designing software, and marketing tools, this is the perfect guide for you. We’ve researched and listed 5 important software for your small business.

5 Essential Software, Tools and Apps for Small Business

1. QuickBooks Online – Best Accounting Software

QuickBooks Online is the best accounting software for small businesses that helps to improve your financial status and prevents financial loss. 

It provides an accurate account calculation and reduces the risks of manual errors. It saves your time that is spent on account calculation and provides more time for the further analysis of your business.


It integrates with lots of third-party devices and contains an easy operation that helps for the individual who is unfamiliar with the software tools. 

QuickBooks helps in the payment process with your vendors and employees. It connects with your bank accounts, credit cards, and allows you to upload receipt images from your phone. Why you need accounting software? Let’s clear it here.

2. Slack – Best Communication Software

Slack is the best team communication software for small businesses. It helps to communicate with your team members easily and quickly. 

It is a free online communication software that is specially designed to reduce the risk of delayed communication.


Apart from communication, Slack provides numerous integrations to share files and documents, productivity tools, and plan meetings. 

It allows you to make both voice and video calls for a long conversation about the issues in the task. Slack contains a search option in the communication that helps to sort the emails and messages.

3. RescueTime – Best Time Management Software

RescueTime is the best time management software that helps to track how much time you spent on the application or website.


If you are spending lots of time on digital platforms like Facebook, online shopping, twitter, etc. that help to control the usage. 

It sends you the proper detailed report with the accurate images of usage. You can set the alert to remind the activity time of the websites. The premium version of this software blocks some websites and tracks the offline activity.

4. PayPal – Best Payment Software

PayPal is the best payment software for all-kinds of business due to its simple and secure payment methods.


With this, you can use a small card reader to receive payments from the customers. 

It contains lots of features that help to provide electronic invoices, and it helps to get payment from the existing PayPal account.

5. Trello – Best Project Management Software

Trello is the best project management software for small to high-level businesses.


It is very simple to operate, and it helps to track the performance of the team easily. The important thing about Trello is the high level of visuals. 

You can create a card in the Trello board that helps to track the status, assignment, and task. It sends a notification to all the team members while changing cards.

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