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Best OCR Softwares of 2020

Nowadays, digital efficiency and availability is truly the main culture of the 21st century. We are on the verge of making the biggest leap to answer the problems in both communication and technology. Optical Character Recognition (OCR, more on WIKI) is the modern solution to our diverse and immersive need for technology to understand man-made documents and letters.

Innovation in both technical and software applications is what the current century is all about. OCR software can now visually understand and convert your document using complex computer codes. A cloud space of digital information where all your convertible and readable files are made. And this phenomenon can only be achieved by allowing ourselves to be part of the system and to be educated, and to be inspired, with the continuous expansion of technology as it elevates the digital growth of the society as a whole.

Makers have already created thousands of digital software and websites that are very helpful to the primitive man, it allows us to adapt and to be able to familiarize ourselves with the hi-tech world. This current innovation that is now gradually growing and expanding is, no doubt, paving the way for the future of our nation and the next generation.

OCR Software is a widely used business tool or software because of its efficiency with digital documents and other files. And through this software, it is now possible for your computer or laptop to easily determine and recognize text or letters displayed in scanned documents and images. Using this acquired text or messages, you can now have the power to convert it into any searchable or editable format that you would like it to be.

Optical Character Recognition software, from the name itself, is a tool that has the ability to recognize and scan your documents like invoices, text, and other digital files like PDFs. This is a one-stop application that helps you manage all your paperwork easily. Paperless transaction is now the current reality that we are facing, that is why being able to scan documents is truly a game changer. OCR gives you instant access to your important documents in a more modern and efficient way.

With that being said, here are the TOP 10 BEST OCR SOFTWARES OF 2020!

10 Best OCR Softwares Reviewed – 2020

1. Omnipage Ultimate

OmniPage Ultimate is no doubt the NUMBER 1 OCR Software on the list. With its professional scanning features, you can turn paper, PDFs, and pictures into important digital files to maximize productivity and user interface. This software is well known for its complex functions which allows you to customize workflows at excellent speeds, and with very accurate results.

 It goes way above your head. And because of this, you can also expect a relatively high price point. But don’t forget that at this price, you are already getting the best of the best. Packed with a lot of useful features, you truly get a lot more than what you pay for. A very known tool for scanning documents and managing files. Primarily trusted by some of the biggest companies in the business like Amazon, Ford, and GE. 

Video: Omnipage Ultimate

This elite software is certified authentic and very efficient. It gives you the ability to build up a variety of custom workflows which makes your documents accessible anywhere. It can also be delivered automatically, in the right place, and in the right format, depending on your needs. Not to mention, this software is also very fast and reliable when it comes to creating high-quality documents, so you don’t have to worry about getting late with your paperwork because OmniPage will give you what you need.

2. Abbyy FineReader

The Abbyy FineReader is one of the most popular OCR software when it comes to managing small businesses and private companies. This feature-packed software has a lot of comprehensive suites which is primarily used for multiple output documents and licenses. Being able to help different companies for a very long time now, Abbyy has already marked its standard when it comes to quality digital scanning. Patronized especially by small companies, this software serves its purpose by being user friendly and efficient. 

It helps small businesses in managing their important and discrete documents, even the confidential ones. And with its latest version, you get a very refined software that answers comprehensive and complex problems when it comes to company documents and files. This verios is even useful for those who like to use it casually and has a lightweight document workload.
It has the ability to recognize well-known formats like PDF and Microsoft Office, and can easily convert them into any file format depending on what you need. 

This program can also compare your documents and assess their formats, add certain notations and comments, and a whole lot more. If for instance you are currently working on a big project that has lots of paperwork, and you need to convert bundles and bundles of documents, then this program can certainly do the job for you and eases project management hassles. It can swiftly handle a lot of output formats and distinguish 192 different languages without even breaking a sweat. It also has a mobile version app. So if you need to scan some documents on the go, then you can do it right there on your pocket. 

3. Adobe Acrbat Pro DC

Another great OCR software for your important documents is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Now, this brand of software is one of the most trusted and well-known tool from the Adobe stable. With plenty of advanced features and a number of options, you truly get what you expect from a well-known company. Of course, this is certified user friendly and also cost less monthly subscription. So that is something you can consider in choosing this hype software.

The DC stands for ‘Document Cloud’ which gives us an idea that it has Adobe’s cloud solution integrated already in the software. We know how efficient the Adobe cloud is, that is why it really helps in transferring files from one device to another. There is also a PRO version of this software, so you might as well need to get them later in order to experience the whole package.

You get all the elite functions and the basic ones, like adding comments and feedback on your documents, scanning tables using a very specialized tool, comparing two documents with each other, and a whole lot more. Your documents can be readily edited right on your current computer screen right after you have scanned it in just a couple of seconds. Making Adobe Acrobat a one of a kind scanning software. 

4. Readiris

Looking for a product that converts your documents the way your eyes see it? Say hello to the Readiris, an OCR software that is packed with tons of features and functionalities. Like an iris, your document will be as clear as your eyes can perceive them. Known for its great quality production, this product is capable of aggregating and splitting PDFs.

A software that is not only efficient, but is also comprehensive in taking almost all document works. It is also a user-friendly application, which means that everyone can learn it easily and will be able to operate it properly the first time they use it. A cost-effective solution to all your important and confidential documents. Accompanied with lots of interface functions and features, this tool truly earned its place on the list of the best scanning software.

This software is best for people running small businesses or those private groups who just need a serious amount of documents to be digitized immediately. It is one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind. Also noted as one of the fastest and most efficient OCR software available today, putting aside older scanning programs that we have already seen in the past.

Capable of processing and filing important documents rapidly. Interactive feature allows you to jump quickly between various Readiris screens, with no need to call for technical assistance or help online. A slick software that provides a combination of powerful features and functions with a simple and accessible interface. 

5. Rossum

With great software, comes great adaptability. That is why the Rossum OCR scanning tool is the best software for the job. Known for having 98% accuracy when it comes to scanning documents. The company that is responsible for this remarkable feat of scanning software also offers a universal invoice service. It is aimed at scanning invoices for the purpose of exporting key information into whatever program or application you are currently using.

This tool, with no doubt, can offer an OCR solution with a big difference. It is truly a game-changer when it comes to scanning documents. Companies and private groups who prefer to enterprise with a big number of invoices find this software very useful and efficient for their paper form documents. Using Artificial Intelligence to scan your important document, you get a more accurate key information rather than just having template formatted results.

Having this feature, you can now format your different invoices into any file that you like, allowing you to present them in presentations in a very unique and creative way. All these capabilities and functions of the Rossum software only proves that this tool is indeed a valuable program for business-minded people and even entrepreneurs who are in the work of extracting figures and documents. Now they can do it simply and with ease compared to the more traditional way of working with text, which is a very tedious job.  

6. PDFelement

Another pick for our top 10 OCR software is the PDFelement. This program was featured on the top 20 Contract Management Software 2020. With its name, you can be sure that your PDF files will be managed and scanned in a very modern manner. This software is now considered the easiest program to use in creating, editing, converting and signing PDF files on both Windows and Mac. 

An alternative with our top tier software which is Adobe Acrobat. It offers enterprise-grade and brand known PDF functionalities. Considering it’s a well-managed platform, you can expect a nice perpetual licensing. The only scanning program that is sold globally in many different languages. An all in one PDF solution for your scanning needs, reliable to all types of users and business groups. 

7. Amazon Textract

Here’s yet again a great find for those in need of topnotch scanning software. The Amazon Textract is perfect for the job. Consist of a machine learning model built in its intel core that is capable of using millions of documents. Trained to do the heavy work. This macho software can automatically detect and recognize printed text from images like JPG and PNG, and PDF files. Once detected, it can easily render it digitally with great accuracy. Not only does it give you the capability to extract some important texts, but also, it can help you extracting tables, fields, numbers, and a lot of key values. It also stores your data in a pre-defined storage schema and then it does the job by extracting all the accumulated data in the form of rows and columns. 


Tesseract is one of the most powerful and advanced OCR software in the industry today. Developed by HP company but was later taken over by Google, this is now a very developed software for scanning and managing documents. It has now become the most powerful OCR engine that has deep-learning capabilities which is used to extract bundles of text from images like BMP, PNG, JPEG, and TIFF, and of course from PDF files. Even online services now use this software for recognizing and converting large amounts of images and document files. And what sweetens it the most is that it is compatible with all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

9. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a very well known program when it comes to creating documents. It features note taking and can easily create rich text to get started with. But as you may know, this not only a program for note-taking. As part of your main workflow, OneNote is also an OCR software that does basic text extraction with its OCR goodness built into it. Many people use this program because it is very simple and reliable. With Microsoft cloud storage, you will never have to worry about losing your files and documents. It can support almost all major image formats like PNG, JPG, and a whole lot more. It is available on both Windows and Mac platforms.

10. Google Docs

Lastly, one of the simplest ways to convert and scan files is Google Docs. Known for its name, this software has been the talk of the market since day one. You can a lot of document-related things with this bad boy. Although not all people know this, this program is actually an OCR software in itself. It has all the OCR features and functions that you may need.

 It is primarily made for general users who want to convert their PDF files or documents into editable data. PDF files are created through word processors. So with that being said, this simple software by Google is the simplest way to convert images or scanned files in the form of PDF files. Available in different platforms like Web, Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Benefits of OCR Softwares

1. Makes Documents Editable

With the use of OCR, data can be converted to any preferred formats for editing purposes which can be of great help when some information must be constantly updates or contents that needs to be changed regularly.

2. High Accuracy

Reduced errors and inaccuracy brought about by OCR’s scanning results in reliable data accumulation. Also, solutions such as data recovery can be done by OCR. Other problems like accidental input of wrong information can be removed as there is no manpower involved.

3. Save Space

Since OCR has the ability to recognize, scan and classify important document from business papers and files, your data will then be stored on cloud storage, thus removing the need for accumulating bundles of documents and promoting “paperless” approach which helps in reducing carbon footprint

4. Superior Data Security

Unlike data in digital format, office papers are in danger of getting lost or even destroyed and can be easily misplaced. The security access can be managed to prevent misuse of confidential files.

5. Availability of Documents

One of the advantages of OCR is text-searchable digitized documents. This helps in looking up for personal information and other various requirements that distinguish files being searched in no time.

6. Improved User Service

The ability to easily acquire data is definitely important in most cases and it reflects the quality of service an organization provides. This software will help you in managing your document immediately. Reducing work time for customers in order to have more time doing other tasks.

7. Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is certainly the most important perks of having OCR software in data accumulation and data entry. When digital data is saved digitally in highly secured servers, data becomes safe and sound even during severe circumstances. 

Let us say for instance there is a sudden fire breakout, or natural calamity that has dangerously destroyed your home and your appliances and gadgets, you don’t have to worry anymore even for a bit. The digitized data that you HAVE already saved beforehand using OCR can now be easily retrieved to be able to continue business endeavors.

Buying Guide

1. OmniPage Ultimate

OmniPage Ultimate is available in the market for just over 200 US dollars. But if you still want to experience the Omnipage performance with a lesser price point, you can buy the Omnipage Standard for as low as 100 US dollars.

2. Abbyy FineReader

Abbyy FineReader starts at a selling point of 199.99 US dollars for the Standard version. Includes one-time perpetual license that is capable of making OCR conversion and edit PDFs. For the upgraded version, which is the Corporate version, it will cost 299.99 US dollars. Now in this case, you can have the capability of comparing documents and be able to perform automated conversions.

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC guarantees a certain level of quality with its current price point of 12.99 US dollars per month for the Standard version, and 14.99 US dollars a month for the Pro version which is in annual subscription.

4. Readiris

Readiris has a Corporate level package which cost 199 US dollars in a one-time payment. It also has the lowest priced package which cost 49 US dollars in a one-time payment for the software.

5. Rossum

Rossum is currently on free trial only. If you want to access the paid version, just wait for further announcement and stay updated in their own website.

6. PDFElement

PDFElement start at a price point of 69 US dollars per user. Although this software does offer a free version. The paid version is done annually.

7. Amazon Textract

This software is free for the first 3 months. The premium plan starts at 1.50 US dollars per 1000 pages.


The Tesseract is currently a free software.

9. Microsoft Onenote

The OneNote is currently a free software by Microsoft.

10. Google Docs

The OneNote is currently a free software by Google.


OCR enables quick conversion of scanned documents, texts from images and pdf documents to searchable files. Instead of manually entering the metadata of the documents, the process of text extraction takes place and are being fed into the document management system before sending them to the data base OCR plays a significant role in document management system. 

It is crucial that the OCR software integrated with your document management system should be reliable because if not, there is a possibility that inconsistent search results may occur thus defeating the very purpose of DMS installation in your organization.

OCR has greatly improved the process of data entry. This technology is a great advantage to a typical office setting, especially in business, with its ability to readily search through large content which deals with high document take-in and large amount of scanning thereby increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the work.

While OCR technology certainly can be helpful, there are still some limitations and one of which is the inability to read and scan handwritten documents therefore in this case we resort on the traditional way. On the contrary, this doesn’t change the fact that OCR can unlock the power of business information, and help organizations improve productivity.

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